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[QUOTE=Lafleurs Guy;36433407]First of all, nobody said it's a guarantee. Get that through your head.

Now go look at where stars get drafted... it happens with much greater frequency in the top 5 or top 10 than it does later on. We don't draft high and we don't trade for enough prospects that's why we don't have the stars that other clubs have had.

And I'm not sure why you're saying "especially for the Habs..." We've actually done very well for where we've drafted. Our ONLY top five pick in over 25 years is our best player and the guy everyone is hanging our hopes on for another cup. You say we haven't done well drafting high? How would you know? It hasn't happened except once and we got our best player out of it so what are you talking about?

Believe it or not in the past 25 years we've only had three top ten picks in the last 25 years as well. Two of those picks panned out with pretty decent players (which is what you would hope for from 5-10) and the other guy was a bust.

What exactly is your problem with the way we've drafted? We've drafted very well overall. And please don't come back here and try to cherrypick this pick or that pick... on the whole we've done much better than most clubs. We just haven't drafted high enough to get stars on a consistent basis nor have we done enough to trade for prospects that could help us down the road.

Fortunately we may have hit the jackpot with Subban and with our lottery win pick (that was a total fluke and gave us a top 5) with Price we might actually have two stars to build around. That doesn't mean we should continue going the route of getting older overpaid players like Gionta, Gomez and Cole...

Pleks is a good player, Subban looks like he could be great too... but why in the world would you think that we wouldn't draft better players if we had higher picks? You don't think we'd have drafted Sidney Crosby if we had first overall? Of course we would... problem is that you can't get him unless you have the top pick. As another example, you might know that Toews is the real deal. He's not a generational talent, but your scouts know that he's the best player in the draft... It doesn't matter if you drafting 15th overall. Those great players are already gone and you're left with whatever is left.

Some years (1979 and 2003) come along with a bumper crop and it doesn't matter as much but you're always better off letting your scouts have first pick at who they want... that's just common sense. How does picking 20th overall give you a better advantage than drafting 3rd?

No there aren't. There are other clubs out there who are contending or looking for quick fixes... Those are the clubs that you have to trade with. And just because clubs are in the basement it doesn't mean they're rebuilding. The Isles and Leafs are perfect examples of this. They sucked but continued to trade away all their picks. The Isles only had to keep what they had drafted and they'd have had a cup contending team but they did the opposite. So you are wrong here, 29 other clubs aren't out there doing this.

Nobody said it was easy... we've said the opposite. We've said that you have to be willing to pay a price to get those picks. That's something that we haven't shown any willingness to do and we've let a ton of players walk away from us with nothing in return.

And that has killed us.

Dude... YOU don't get it.

29 teams every year fail to win the cup. We all know this. Some of those failures are rebuilds and some aren't. But we are looking for what has made WINNING teams successful. Why should we try to learn from the Islanders and Leafs except to learn from their mistakes?

Strange that the cup winners are ones that HAVE those picks leading the way...[/QUOTE]

Oh boy, math was not your strong point in school now was it? I love how you focus on the exceptions not realizing that statistically, the chances for a team to repeat this strategy of top picks is almost nil. Don't you realize that the Islanders and a bunch of other teams had the same chance as Pittsburgh with top picks for a few years yet accomplished nothing!

Here's what Jay Feaster thinks about the situation:

Funny that an actual competent GM thinks like us and yet, you the arm chair GM in is basement knows better?

Out of the last 6 seasons, after lock-out hockey, because before does not matter as the game as changed, half the teams won with such a pick (Pittsburgh, Chicago and Carolina) and the other half did not (Detroit, Boston & Anaheim). Pittsburgh being lucky with 2 generational talent, something that is unlikely to happen for a team tanking.

I really don't understand how someone can't see this will all these actual facts in there face.

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