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09-05-2011, 01:27 PM
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Bottom line is that fighting is part of what gives hockey its edge. Fighting is not just some staged NHL theatre, you see fights down in beer league games. It is part of hockey's fabric, something that is a bit old fashioned (like settling disputes with duels), but that kind old school mentality helps makes the sport appealing to many players and fans.

Effete, controlling, poltically correct people who have already neutered so much of our society's vigor with fuzzy effiminate concepts like violence is never a solution, social justice, human rights, etc. Their panty waisted hypocracy will be our undoing, and they cannot stomach a popular sport that involves the occasional fisticuffs.

The bottom line though is that the NHL has millions of reasons to continue allowing fighting: IT IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. When a fight starts, people get out of their seats and shout/cheer as much as a goal.

Despite what the oh so cultured erudites in the journalistic, academic and political classes may think of it, and let us know what they think of it from the major media platforms they control, the people of hockey let us know otherwise when they cheer pro fights lustily in arenas, on get into little scraps of their own in recreational games of their beer senior leagues. They also go on the internet and create very popular & dedicated websites to the concept like and give millions of hits to hockey fight videos on youtube.

So Jack Todd may be able to act all righteous and cultured from his bully pulpit at the Gazette, but millions of hockey fans and players out there who don't have the media access he does, but vote with their actions would clearly disagree. What does Todd even know about the spirit of hockey?

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