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09-05-2011, 12:32 PM
Kirk Muller
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People forget that atheletes, actors, etc are real people too with real life problems. Just because you are well known doesnt make things magically disappear.

We never say a teenager who commits suicide does it because he was troubled and got into many fights and that the fights were the cause.

Wasnt there recently a US Winter Olympic medalist who took his life recently too.

Fighting is not the issue. We should be more looking at the quality of help available to the players when they are in need. And note this isnt a slam against the NHL's current help available, just it needs to be top notch if it isnt.

Using these deaths as an agenda is an insult to these man. There were real derooted issues, and those are the issues that society as a whole has to try and eliminate before using an easy answer for idiots.

You can argue fightings place in the game and need for it but dont use these deaths as one of them

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