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09-05-2011, 02:40 PM
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To me, the whole fighting ban has more to do with the mentality than the gesture itself. I watch boxing so I can't be AGAINST fights. But I'm against sideshows. I'm against the fact that while it's suppose to stop the cheap shots and to calm down the pests, it absolutely doesn't. I'm against the fact that as far as goons only, it removes spots to players who might deserve it more. And I'm MOST definately against the "He has to fight" mentality 'cause players talk or hits. And I find extremely stupid, childish and completely dumb every player that wants to fight another 'cause his teamate was on the wrond side of a hard but LEGAL hit. Take it as a man and if you want retribution, you can hit the opponents just as hard but just as legal. Banning fights does not mean banning toughness. Subban will most likely never fights in his career and yet, aside from a few fans of a few teams, who the hell calls him soft?

The day we look at toughness through a different angle, we will see we don't need fights to love our game. But the lack of maturity and the fact that it's easier to go with what you already have than to analyse the game in a different way, well it's better to keep fights.

UNTIL IT CEASE TO EXIST, I have absolutely nothing against players that can play and also fights. You don't fight guns with paper towels. But the guys that I went to acquire that can fight will still be valuable to my team the day we ban fight 'cause remember....he knows how to play hockey.

Yes, there's tons of things more dangerous than the fights themselves. I'd take care of the hits to the head. Or the incredibly stupid "finish your check" madness. But if you can't take the law in your own hands in the street and hope a judge or a court will address the problem adequately, the day that this stupid league gains some maturity and commen sense, this whole ****ing mentality of "I'll KO'ed that guy 'cause he had a little hit on my player" or "You can't small talk and not fight" stupidity will end. And we'd be able to move on with hockey.

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