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09-05-2011, 03:35 PM
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Jack Todd is a ****ing idiot and this to me just confirms that more-so than ever.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I honestly can't ever see fighting banned. I mean, how would they do it?

You take out fighting and your going to see a lot more pesty behaviour from the Sean Avery's and its going to be directed towards the star players. Those Star players are going to get fed up and end up punching Avery or whoever.

The pest will gladly fight a star and have him removed for X games if that is what the penalty is for a ban. If there isn't a 5 game penalty for fighting, there will always be fights.

Banning fighting is a pipe dream that I can't ever see happening. Its already against the rules and still happens every game. Banning it won't make a difference until the players decide they don't want it part of the game. As it stands now, only 14 out of 700 NHL players don't want it in the game.
Exactly! You want to remove fighting? The first step prior to that would need to be enforcing stricter rules on cheap shots, calling the game as you see it (no bs "let them play") and heftier suspensions. You take away fighting the cheap shots will still happen but I think they'd happen even more. It doesn't stop them from doing it now the cheap shot artists always will be but plenty of smaller players will be taken advantage of as a result. Imagine how pests like Avery would be used? They could make more money for sure because if you can get under somebodies skin enough to get them to try and instigate a fight... you could fish for suspensions etc.

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