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For his size White actually is a good fighter.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well let just say this that way....we may not FORCE him to drop the gloves...but White looks around and might get the message he just HAS to drop them....By having the type of team we have, both Moen and White will drop them even if they don't want to. That's kinda of forcing them.....without saying it.
I disagree. If you how much Laraque changed the dynamic of this team you'd realize that would still be the case with or without an enforcer. (He didn't change the dynamic at all)

Nobody is going to fight a goon or even a skilled heavyweight unless they are at least a heavyweight themselves and it isn't necessarily going to stop them from cheapshotting your players. Some guys are just cheap shot artists.

I will admit to some extent it will make smaller guys like Marchand too ***** to play that kind of style but the Lucic's and others of the game will always do that, and frankly with them backing up guys like Marchand I think the difference is barely worth mentioning. Like you and a lot of people already mentioned many times you need tough guys who can play to change the dynamic of your team and it doesn't happen over night and it takes more than one. Who are we going to drop? Gomez for Kesler? Okay. Cammy for Lucic? What a lot of people don't seem to realize is most teams have their strong points and weaknesses but that doesn't mean we're a bad team. We cater to a style more relevant to the players we have and we have a good mix of guys who can play good both ways. You can't have a team filled with Crosby's, Lucic, Lidstrom, Weber. Only 2-3 teams in the whole league have such balanced teams, we do a damn good job of being a balanced team. Moen and White are guys who can play who are tough. Emelin apparently is too. Tinordi/Beaulieu down the road could be too.

People act like it isn't being addressed or that we're such a ***** team. We aren't.

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