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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
What you posted above is the reason why I shake my head in disbelief over a lot of the anti-fighting posts.

The "goons" that you are referring to are not being forced to fight. They fight because they love it and it provides them a paycheck.

You would have a valid point if the "goons" were led into the arenas kicking and screaming against their will because they have to fight. Sorta like the gladiators going up against the lions in the old Coliseum in ancient Rome.

But watch these guys. They enjoy the fighting. And watch Ryan White. He is not a goon and he loves a good scrap. Do you remember the huge smile on his face in the penalty box after he whipped Boychuck's ass?

You have every right to hate fighting on the ice or in real life. Its your choice to never engage in a fight. However, you need to understand that a lot of hockey players do not mind fighting and understand the reasons that they do it without complaint.

Projecting your beliefs onto the sport of hockey when the participants engaging in the actual sport disagree with you is absurd.
That's all interesting, but this has nothing to do with the health issue in hands (and my post).

We know people like fighting. We know fighters want to fight. But is it worth it if we are finding out it creates life threatening health issues? More than in the past, because of the size/strength of players? Or maybe it has always been there, but now we are more aware of it? Does it impacts only players who fight regularly, or in all cases?

There's a line that need to be traced - it's always been there, we are just asking openly if it needs to be redraw.

'wouldn't be the first activity to be restrained for health reason.

And btw... this is exactly what is my problem with pro-fighting fans. They all go on about how it is an integral part of the game, as hockey is so special and so macho, the players have the right to just lose it and its ok, that's just how though they are. But scratch a little, and in the end, the true reason for the fighting support is pure entertainment. People like to see two hockey players fight together, and that's the end of it.

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