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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Hockey players are notoriously conservative, and conservatism is about the only reason to keep allowing fighting. The question on whether fights help win hockey game has been extensively studied and the answer is somewhere between "no" and "not at all". And if "confidence and momentum" don't help win hockey games... then what's the point? Is fighting supposed to be there to be a safety blanket for insecure NHL players?
You make 3 claims in one post that have zero backing. We're suppose to believe you, because you say so. Players think fighting has role, because it does, not because they are mostly conservative. Studies on whether fighting helps win hockey games, lmao. Sure how was this conducted and how did they draw their conclusions? I'm pretty sure they were conducting a study to try and prove their preconceived notions. Who says confidence and momentum don't win hockey games, are you off your rocker? Seriously.

Have you every played hockey or any other sport mathman? I'm not trying to be smart here, have you?

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