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09-05-2011, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
Hopefully with some modifications coming to the Citi outfield, he won't have to cover as much ground.

I'm really interested to see what management decides to do with the CF situation, as well as what they want/can do with Bay. I think he needs to go. Just take the hit, it didn't work out, and move onto a younger solution to the problem. Pagan might be on the team, but a player like Captain Kirk might take his job in spring training. LF then becomes open for possibly someone like Murphy, who I think can handle it now. He's a much more mature player, and shouldn't really fall apart by playing the outfield.

If the infield remains the same, (Wright, Reyes, Turner/Tejada, Ike) I think this team has a chance to compete if the rotation is addressed. Santana coming back, Neise maturing, Gee getting a year under his belt, Pelfrey going away, and having Dickey not have such bad luck, they can compete for the wild card.

I don't think they are that far off from being a playoff contender.
They're not. We're going to finish ~.500 missing our ace, with David wright missing 60 games, Jose Reyes missing 40 games, Ike Davis missing 130 games, Danny Murphy missing 50 games, Paulino missing half the year, etc... Haven't had an actual closer for months, traded our cleanup hitter at the deadline...still closing in on .500. We're not going to be close to the level of Philadelphia any time in the next few years, but there's no reason we can't compete with Atlanta for the WC.



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