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09-05-2011, 08:34 PM
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The front office should be looking at the spray charts to see where the fly balls their pitchers give up land, and where the balls their hitters land, then modify the ballpark accordingly. I'm kind of shocked teams DON'T do this. Like if tex hits a lot of balls in one particular spot that land 10 feet short of being a HR the Yankees should bring the park in a little bit at that exact spot. I'm sure a scientific analysis of how to change a ballpark based on the expected roster the next season could improve a team's run differential at home by a few runs a season. And I wouldn't consider it cheating as long as the field is within MLB regulations. A team can modify their park how they want as long as it stays the same thru the season.

As for the mets poorly handling injuries, that's definitely square on the organization. Players coming back too soon causes more serious injuries, and even if it's a freak thing, the results can end up being worse if they're already playing hurt. Just for instance, if a guy trips and breaks his leg, but he tripped because his foot was already hurting, then that's partly the fault of the team.

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