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09-06-2011, 02:08 AM
Man Girardi
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I'm not against fighting overall, in hockey, but the idea I've started to disagree with is the perceived need for a "designated fighter" -- what service do these players provide? How is a 45-60 second "fight" going to help their team win every night? I understand the concept of "momentum" in this situation, but I fail to see how these staged fights between two players who barely play are going to directly affect their teams. What do they accomplish in doing so? From what I've read, a lot of these "enforcers" are not too fond of having to go out onto the ice and fight every night; it seems to be taking a rather major toll on their mental state. It causes recurring injuries, anxiety, and even depression in some cases -- I don't think keeping the "enforcer" role is worth risking the mental and physical health of numerous people.

I enjoy tough hockey, but there's a limit, IMO. "Heat of the moment" fighting has it's place; fights like Lecavalier vs. Iginla are very exciting to watch, and they serve a purpose. Emotion is rampant in these situations, unlike a fight between two designated fighters -- that's where these fights should derive from. Emotion. They shouldn't be set up and premeditated before the game.

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