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09-06-2011, 02:59 AM
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This is what should happened:

The D must step up hard and take the body of the player with the puck. You, as the first man back, must be in a position so that you can support the D. Take the puck if he takes the body, or take the player if he manage to get around the D (often the player with the puck will be easy to pickpocket after he has been forced to go around the D).

Due to the crackdown on clutching and grabbin, we however see less and less of the above in the game today. The D's opt to back down and just try to stay between the net and the puck at all costs, so that they atleast can disturb the shot/block it.

If this happend:
You job is of course to make sure to have the trailing man. Which can be very hard on the backcheck. But again, a little is always a helluva lot more than nothing. If you just are in a position to disturb the trailing player a little, if he gets the pass, it makes his job alot more tough than if he is all alone.

A wing in a centers position:
Once on defense in the defense zone, I recon that you play man-man and than you just stay with the man you get. Its often not that hard to change back to your natrual position, but you need to make sure that you are on the same page as the player you are changing with.

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