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Originally Posted by Frankenheimer View Post
I think it's possible to ban fighting and control cheap shots. Soccer, for example, allows physical contact, yet it heavily penalizes cheap shots and fouls. All it takes is the enforcement of rules and the culture would change pretty quick.

Soccer is also a good model because the professional game resembles the amateur game. The rules are identical. Sure, it's rougher, but there's no need to envision fighting as necessary. In hockey, there's a sudden shift from no fighting to fighting. A lot of people are just not into fighting in any form, nor do they want to be a part of such an environment, nor be intimidated. My nephew quit hockey for that reason. Not interested in fighting.

Why is that when the Olympics or World Cup come around fighting ceases to be necessary?

The bottom line is that fighting is only necessary because the rules are not sufficiently enforced or penalized. And because it's not banned from the game. If it were banned, and if fouls were penalized accordingly, it wouldn't take long before the culture changed and players acted accordingly. It would be a very easy transition in my opinion. I would argue the only thing sustaining fighting right now is that some teams exploit it, and that causes other teams to arm themselves in defense. The habs are good example. But if you disarm the entire league, all those teams that never wanted any part of it will make the transition without difficulty.

Just wanted to repost your interesting post...interesting questions.

Also...WJC hockey is always exciting, and there's no fighting.

Maybe adding one more referee can help (and not hurt?).

No matter what...the league has got to do something about head shots, blind shots, hits from behind, violent slashing (or any kind of slashing). Give MAJOR SUSPENSIONS and don't wait till a player does it twice (ex: Matt Cooke). SEVERLEY PUNISH a player right away (Chara on Pacioretty...Chara was seeking revenge and that is
100% sure, it's not a guess ; Cooke on Savard).

M.Savard: may never play in the NHL again...Cooke will play again.
Chara: won a Cup and almost killed a player before playoffs away with it.

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