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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Well, as I said, he might have the best Norris record here. He does have a short peak (4 or 5 years), but so do most of these guys, and his peak is among the very best.

You seem to not be impressed by his 10th in Norris, but he got a very respectable number of votes. 22 of the voters had him on their ballots - that's nothing to ignore or downplay.

Most of the other top-10s in Norris voting here made it there with just a handful of votes.
No first or second place votes, only 3 third place votes..

I would say Campbell has had a 2 year peak offensively. The rest of the seasons were "good" (2 directly before and after Chicago got him). After his first nice year in Chicago, he became better defensively at the expense of offense, and before then he was a defensive liability for most of his career (including his one big year). Even in his first year in Chicago, he was only +5, compared to +18 and 28 in the next two.. this seems to coincide with his becoming more reliable defensively, but suffering offensively because of this. He also doesn't PK.. at all. He's had two seasons where he was used on the PK, and that's it. Both times, I believe, he was his team's 4th option on the PK.

Campbell got by because of his offensive talent and speed. He clearly saw limited time until he turned 27, and then when his offensive skills blossomed, he got more playing time (majorly helped along by the fact that Buffalo had no other good scoring options from D, aside from Numminen). He was on his way to another solid, but unspectacular finish in Buffalo in 2008 before he got shipped off to San Jose.. and promptly posted 19 points in 20 games, 12 of them on the PP. He was on pace to finish that year, in Buffalo, in a very similar manner to the way he finished the previous two years.. where he got limited at best consideration for individual accolades. Obviously, San Jose was a much, much better team than Buffalo, especially offensively, so it's no secret that this helped his point totals there. So, in 2008, his offensive output was largely fueled by a completely unsustainable pace (proven by his scoring pace going down substantially in the playoffs that year) set after getting traded to a much better team. 20 games stood between that 5th place Norris finish and a SAST, and a completely unremarkable finish to his season. There's a really strong chance that, if on a better team from the get go, we wouldn't even know who Brian Campbell is, and he'd be taken in the dregs of the AA draft.

Do you REALLY want to rely on a guy who, other than a 20 game stretch in a 626 game career, was never elite at ANYTHING, was almost always a liability defensively, was soft, and only had 2 really noteworthy offensive seasons, both of which coming at a time when he was still poor in his own zone? This guy is AAA material.

EDIT: In fact, in his first good offensive season, he was still only getting 17:43 minutes per game. Buffalo likely increased that to 21:53 the next season out of desperation for offense from a defenseman, hoping to capitalize on his budding talent, yet his point total only went up by 4. In fact, I almost have to wonder how much of his offense really came from his talent alone. He was nothing until 2006, when the Buffalo forwards finally started putting up some good offensive seasons. The production from the forwards continued to increase, and Campbell saw success along with that. To his credit, he was on pace for 54 points in 2008 for Buffalo, so he probably would have garnered some decent individual attention anyways, but the fact still stands that it's not even certain how much his talent alone contributed to his success. Moreover, he's not a very strong ES player.. at all, neither defensively, nor offensively. Every single one of his strong offensive seasons, other than 2007, have been largely fueled by strong PP performances.. and in an all time sense, his PP credentials are decent (decent largely fueled by that 20 game stretch in San Jose, probably mediocre without that), but not great.

In terms of PP defenseman, I put Campbell no better than 3rd on Eden Hall, I think.

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