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09-06-2011, 07:43 AM
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This is one person (Riley Cotes) opinion. I dont think its speaks on the subject well enough.

As far as it taking a mental toll on your mind - sure, i can understand that - but its their decision to accept that role. They are IN THE NHL gimme a break. They make a damn good salary even as an enforcer. Some of these guys make millions. Talk about a mental toll... there are millions out there without a job right now, trying to find out how to provide for their family, or without a house because of a flood, or just living life day to day in environments 10 times as stressful, and its REAL. I dont buy it.

Sure its hard, youre a fighter. No one asked you to be. I can sympathize with their position but its their choice. In an economy like this, for people in the real world who are dealing with problems much worse, that dont have a choice - this article seems very trivial to me. Besides, there have been enforcers for years and years. Never heard of this until we had an isolated and rare event of 3 deaths in one offseason.

Avery suspended over and over for cheapshots? When did this happen? Cooke, yes... Avery? uhh i think hes confused.

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