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Originally Posted by jarek View Post
If you're going to start saying that Sargent is going to miss games, then you better damn well use his points PER GAME, not his absolute point values, to determine his efficacy.
Have you been paying attention to anything at all this MLD? 70s has consistently used Sargent's per game stats in his arguments for him. I'm letting him have his per game stats with the caveat that you can't assume he'll play at his per game rate for every game this series because rarely played all the games in real life.

Edit: That's one of two valid ways to deal with injury prone players, right? (The other is by using their seasonal stats rather than per game stats)

Also, because Claude Julien is your coach, your PP is irrelevant as well. He has a history of having some of the better PP players and doing **** all with them.
When Boston actually had good PP players like Savard, Kessel and Wideman in 2008-09, they had the 4th best PP in the NHL.

So I guess your crazy theory that a PP is determined entirely by the coach is just that... crazy.

For the record, John Muckler will be heavily involved in PP strategies (and team strategies in general). As we indicated earlier in the MLD, Julien will be the bench boss during games, but they will be equally involved in implementing strategy between games.

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