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Originally Posted by jarek View Post

EDIT: In fact, in his first good offensive season, he was still only getting 17:43 minutes per game. Buffalo likely increased that to 21:53 the next season out of desperation for offense from a defenseman, hoping to capitalize on his budding talent, yet his point total only went up by 4. In fact, I almost have to wonder how much of his offense really came from his talent alone. He was nothing until 2006, when the Buffalo forwards finally started putting up some good offensive seasons. The production from the forwards continued to increase, and Campbell saw success along with that. To his credit, he was on pace for 54 points in 2008 for Buffalo, so he probably would have garnered some decent individual attention anyways, but the fact still stands that it's not even certain how much his talent alone contributed to his success. Moreover, he's not a very strong ES player.. at all, neither defensively, nor offensively. Every single one of his strong offensive seasons, other than 2007, have been largely fueled by strong PP performances.. and in an all time sense, his PP credentials are decent (decent largely fueled by that 20 game stretch in San Jose, probably mediocre without that), but not great.
How is this different from any other defenseman? The guy stopped getting big PP minutes in Chicago, and his overall numbers went down. Again, how is that different from any other defenseman?

Campbell is the perfect example of how what seventieslord said during the assassination thread has a lot of truth to it - a defenseman's overall numbers are largely determined by the amount of PP time he got.

Campbell put up great numbers his first year in Chicago, but then Duncan Keith emerged as a better player, first Keith took over Campbell's role as primary PP QB, then Seabrook replaced Campbell on the first PP unit entirely because of his chemistry with Keith.

Again, how is this different than any other defenseman? Do you think there are MLD-calibre defensemen out there who will score at the same rate whether they are on the PP or not?

Also why on earth are you slagging Campbell for relying on his forwards to put up points - how is that different from any other defenseman in history, MLD or ATD level?

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