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09-06-2011, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by KILLger View Post
I think this is a great idea. They should rule out fighting in UFA, Boxing, Wrestling, too.
Thanks for the insight. How about we look at this way: could we take goal scoring out of UFA, boxing and wrestling?

Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
I find it hilarious that when a reporter decides to cover something this big, they don't bring in some opinions from the other side? You're in the media, pull aside an enforcer or two and ask them how they feel about fighting, it's importance in the game and the dangers that come with it. Instead, we are fed one-sided bull. Besides the fact that the three deaths in hockey over the past few months have been enforcers, the only other example he provides is that Chara crushed Ivanans' orbital bone, and he could have died.

Hey, I remember once when Gorges took a slapshot to the head and could have died. Should we ban slapshots now? Okay, let's remove fighting. Cheap shots will continue to happen and then in a few years, Jack will be calling for the game to ban hitting altogether.
Of course there's an equivalency between a hockey play designed to score a goal (which is the object of the game) and a potentially lethal blow resulting from a punishable act.

Take a look at an x-ray of Todd Fedoruk's face and tell me how much more evidence you need. Yes, some of the titanium is there from accidental pucks, but then again, nobody told him not to wear a shield, either.

Originally Posted by 68 View Post
I don't know about you guys but if I was an NHL player I would be more scared of:

-Hits to the head
-Hits from behind
-Apes like Chara driving my head in the stanchion
-Slap shots to the face/neck
-Skates to the face/neck
-Sticks to the eye

than I would ever be of fighting. Don't wanna fight? Fine, don't fight. Don't like goons that can't play hockey and only fight? Fine, ban them. Wanna make fighting safer by changing the rules? Fine.

But banning fighting completely would be dumb. I'd rather see a guy take out his frustration on another player by pounding his face with his fists instead of resorting to dangerous stick work or dangerous hits.
Why does anyone need to "take out his frustration"? Last time I checked, I was teaching my JK-aged daughter not to throw hissy fits. Somehow hockey players are expected to behave in ways we would not tolerate from four-year-olds?

What happened to the emotional lift derived from, say, scoring a goal or making a good defensive play?

Originally Posted by BLONG7 View Post
I don't think you have to ban fighting, during a game the emotion can boil over, and a hockey fight can occur which can be good for the game at that's the BS of a staged fight, or some guy feels the need to go out and feel the need to get some retribution because of an injustice to one of his main players.....

There is even the BS of having to defend yourself, after a CLEAN hit, that I have never understood.....a guy lays a guy out with a clean hit, and now 2-3 guys on the other team are running around trying to get back at the guy who laid the clean hit...

Anyhow, maybe to get rid of the staged BS fights, they can just throw the 2 combatants out, as vs the hockey fight, based on a play or emotion at that time of a game that in a ref's opinion was not staged, could still be a 5 min major...
You're onto something because if you follow the logic of your proposal, it seems to recognize the absurdity and uselessness of having two guys around to pummel each other. Why have them? If all you end up doing is delaying the game so they can chuck knuckles and then be thrown out, why keep them? End the charade. Just have an MMA spin-off for on-ice fighting and leave hockey alone.

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