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Originally Posted by googlymoogly View Post
Hardest job in the world? He should try Alaskan crab fishing, I doubt he would last a day
I think some military people might want to have their say as well as countless less paid more dangerous and tougher jobs.
Good examples. Go out and spread this on the net. I've got a new expression: Talking jobs. Men and women who just cruise around all day talking at meetings. Usually, almost always, talking ****. Usually over 40, but women often try this younger. Sorry but true.

They don't write, they don't study, they don't research, they don't draw or design anything like I do, they don't' make anything ever with their hands, they don't teach staff, they don't make in depth comments on documents, they never calculate anything. They never do spread sheets. They never sketch, they never listen. They just talk.

In China where I live at the moment, all the big boys have talking jobs. They're all fat stupid buffoons, they go into meetings and talk, then they leave, leaving the mess behind. That's why China is such a joke, why their trains crash and their food is poisonous. Believe me. Never gonna design and sell a good car with buffoons in charge who all have talking jobs. Talking job guys are also why all the banks failed in America.

Talking job. I want one so bad. So ****ing easy.

Sorry so off topic, just been thinking of the guys on building sites in Ontario I worked with when I was a kid. They worked their ***** off, pounding nails, carrying 4X8 sheets up hills, shingled roofs. Rain or shine, year after year, making real things of value. They talked at lunch, 45 minutes a day. Some of them didn't even talk then.

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