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Originally Posted by ice92 View Post

Oiler fan here. I will be traveling for work to Cincinnati in a couple of weeks. I was hoping I might be able to catch a preseason game in Columbus but it looks not promising since I will be in Cincinnati on Wed Sept 21, it would probably be a long drive at night and I will probably have to wake up early on Thursday. Say if I wanted to go how much could I pick up a preseason ticket for? I would be looking for something cheaper. Could I just show up at the game and scalpers will sell cheap tickets?

I was also thinking of going to either Columbus or Indianapolis for the weekend. I have never been to Ohio or Kentucky. I'm wondering what would be a better choice? I'm looking to sight-see mostly. Take pictures.

Thanks a lot

Not a whole lot to do in Indianapolis, unless you like Indy Car racing and want to check out the speedway. They have the Colts, if you're into football and want to watch them play (are they even at home that week?)

Columbus has a lot of stuff to do - it's grown quite substantially since I last lived there, so I'm sure the folks that still do live there can give you more input on Columbus than I can. I will say that the science center is top shelf, the zoo is great (not sure what the hours are this time of year?), and there are various malls and shopping centers if you're into that sort of thing. The arena district is pretty neat just to check out, if you're a sports fan (the stadium in Indianapolis, for example, is in a sketchy part of town) ... really, entertainment is fairly easy to come by in Columbus.

As far as scalping tickets, that's fairly easy to do in Columbus, since scalping is legal as long as it's not directly on arena property. Me and my buddies would never get tickets in advance (unless it was a big game), because it was easy to go down and drop $10 per seat and get fairly decent seats right as the game was about to start. Usually, at that point, the scalpers are just looking to get rid of seats. Not sure if they are as prevalent in preseason, because there isn't as high of a demand for seats, but you might still get lucky.

Hope that helps - hope you enjoy the trip. Just took my family up to Calgary two weeks ago, so we were sorta in your neck of the woods.

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