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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
Count me among those who changed their mind about fighting in the last 1-2 years. I always supported it, thinking it was part of hockey. But the more I read about the real consequences of fighting that often (brain injuries, substance abuse, mental illness, etc.) as reported by former enforcers, the more I'm convinced it doesn't belong in the NHL anymore. More and more former enforcers are calling for a fighting ban, and those are the opinions I value the most. They know exactly what they're talking about. We don't.
If asked privately, almost all current enforcers would mostly say they hate fighting and it agaonizes them in the pit of their stomach.

Non of them would ever want to have fighting banned, however, because they know they'd be out of the NHL in minutes and with it no more million dollar a year salary for them or their family, or glamorous single lifestyle with NHL groupies, if that was done.

Name me the strictly enforcer players (not legit power forwards or tough, stay at home D-men) who could play a regular shift in a no fighting NHL? It's a very, very short list.

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