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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Let me guess. You also think that Jacques Martin is a great coach and is perfect for the Canadiens, right?

You are correct. There is no stat for momentum and confidence. Despite the lack of statistics, it exists in every game and the abundance or lack thereof is clearly evident. All you have to do is observe.
You might want to re-do your science 101 course if you think that watching games with a couple of beers will help you prove scientificaly a cause and effect phenomenon.

Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
re: Todd and all the people who are all a sudden so concerned...

It is alright to like or dislike something, but to have a knee jerk reaction to it when it is brought up in the news is just weak.

Nothing like a bandwagon. Climb aboard!!!!
And what would you say if we started a debate about it in the middle of the summer with no reason what so ever... you'd probably tell us to shut up and talk about it when it would matter.

The fact is that most of us who are opposed to fighting have been for a while now and been out spoking about it. I won't change my mind next week or, if god forbids, the day the habs become a team full of goons.

The fact might be that you just don't like people who are opposed to your view point, no matter when...

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