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09-06-2011, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Hey DFF, why don't you back up and see how I defined the team that Kershaw is on. I used the term "crappy" teams that just miss the playoffs are not crappy.

The Phillies won more games than Pujols' Cards in 2006.

I went down your list of players one-by-one and noted that outside of Webb, NONE OF THEM, were on "crappy" teams... they all played for good teams, that won a lot of baseball games. That, or they were CLEARLY the winner that year.

However, the bold is an example of how *ing dense you are, and how poor your reading comprehension is. I SPECIFICALLY said that if you are clearly the winner, you can overcome the fact that your team isn't good. Other than that, it is extremely hard for you to win. In fact, I said that before you ever started posting about this.

So, really, you should eat your words because you seemingly don't bother to read.
Then I guess I did read your arguments wrong. But why did you continue to argue with me if we are both saying the same thing?

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