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09-06-2011, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
Yeah, that was terrible... Müller really saved our - and most of all, Tim Wiese's - lower backs. How Wiese remains on our national team is a miracle to me, he's simply an idiot, and that extends beyond goaltending, unfortunately.

I can't be as angry with the team as I am with the commentary on German TV. Bela Rety is probably the worst announcer in the entire country. It's just unreal. He doesn't realize a player being sent off, he does not see dives, and instead sees dives in clear-cut fouls. He asks for yellow cards where you can argue a free kick. And he has absolutely zero sense for what is a tough play to make and what not. Just beyond pathetic.
Wiese is pretty clearly the 2nd Best German Keeper imo (until Adler returns). I'm waiting for Zieler etc to establish themselves, then I will See him ahead of Wiese.

As for rethy, sure he's Bad, but then again the others aren't much better. The only good One is Fuss imo, and Tom Bartels is decent. I cant stand anyone from ARD. I don't Know where you saw the dive though, in my opinion Müller was fouled.

Why on Earth cant Germany find a competent fullback to complement lahm. Träsch really Lives up to His Name, schmelzer is a catastrophe internationally. Looks like howedes will have to Be relied Upon As RB, which is not a good thing for a Team that wants to compete for the title.

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