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09-06-2011, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by goonx View Post
Hockeymonkey turned out big for me. After all the confusion and frustration, they compensated with additional discounts and offered to honor the price for another piece of equipment. I'm going to pay less for more!

They're great if you're willing to stick it through. I would suggest people call-in and ahead to find out what's available though before placing their orders.
Sweet! Despite their flawed online ordering system, they do seem to have decent customer service. If they offered free delivery for orders over a certain amount, I would use them more often than I do.

And the cheaper prices in store don't surprise me too much. In the age of smart phones and bar code reader apps, having a lower in store price might get that person on the fence and maybe even impulse shoppers. Plus, doesn't Hockey Giant have locations nearby most of the Hockey Monkey locations? I am in NorCal, so the closest big hockey shop near me is Hockey X Sport 100 miles away in Oakland.

Also, using SERP10 as the coupon code for Hockey Monkey works fairly often.

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