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Originally Posted by rcduthie77 View Post
If I were Chiarelli, I'd sign him and then immediately tell him we'll loan him to his KHL team.

I don't believe that would count as a contract under the 50 limit and it would give a prospect a chance to grow and develop where he will be the most comfortable while giving the Bruins another potential asset.

If he never comes back over then who cares but it could be worth a shot for a player that has got some strong talent.
If signed and loaned to a Euro team, he would count against the 50 SPC limit.

The only exception is for 18 or 19 yo players, with less than 11 NHL games played, who are returned to Juniors.

Originally Posted by CBA Article 1 - Definitions
"Reserve List" means the list of all Players to whom a Club has rights
including all Unsigned Draft Choices, all Players signed to an SPC (whether or not
currently playing in the NHL), and all Players who have signed an SPC but who have
subsequently been returned to Juniors. A Club may have on its Reserve List, at any one
time, not more than 90 Players, which shall include the following:
(a) Not more than 50 Players signed to an SPC and not less than 24 Players
and 3 goalkeepers under an SPC. Age 18 and age 19 Players who were returned to
Juniors, and who have not played 11 NHL Games in one season, shall be exempt from
inclusion in the 50 Player limit.

Any Club violating this provision shall be liable to loss of draft choices as
determined by the Commissioner.

(b) Unsigned Draft Choices.
Originally Posted by ilovetheflyers8 View Post
He would likely count against the 50 contract limit. The Flyers have a prospect named Jonas Lehitivuori who is on loan to KalPa in the Sm-Liga and he counts as one of the teams 50 contracts. I just remembered the team also has Niko Hoivinen, who is signed but is playing at least this coming season in the Sm-Liga before coming to North America and he counts against the limit as well.

Originally Posted by Booba View Post
All players loaned to Europe count against the 50 contracts limit except if they are under 21 or 20 years old. (Not sure what the exact age is)
There is no age limit. All players loaned to a Euro club count against the 50 SPC limit.

The 18 & 19 yo exception only applies to players returned to Juniors.

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