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Originally Posted by KareyPrice View Post
I work in a hockey store and I'll tell you marketing high end players like ovie seem to sway the 14 and under or the beginer hockey players... The older or more competitive players know what they want comfort wise...(Example myself most of my gear is bauer not because Stamkos or Ovie but because I like the feel) where when I am at work I've had
younger kids come in and say "ooo
i want a ccm stick because ovie"
so in a sense marketing high end
players makes a huge difference.... I expect bauer sales
to go up and ccm sales to go down
... IMO

Ps: the year Ovie scored 65 yes was using that one95 twig
I figure that the equipment supplied to pro players is still quite a bit different from what you get in store anyways, right? A stick tailor made for Ovechkin is going to be quite a bit different from the stick I'd buy at your store, even though they both have the same paintjob. Different blade, different flex, different height, and possibly a modified kick point, right? I stumbled upon a Brian Gionta pro return stick once that looked like a junior stick on the shelf with the exception of a senior blade and a high flex rating.

I've also heard that the names they use for curves are all a marketing gimmick as well, and rarely match what the player actually uses. As far as I know, they don't even really change the curves much either. They just slap new player names on existing curves every so often.

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