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10-24-2003, 06:11 AM
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Originally Posted by JTL
I was done with school at 21...then I started working and within a year I was the assistant head of the department where I started. So if Timmy isn't an assistant captain after this year He is no match for me at the same age.

By the way 12 angry secretaries that can physically get at you is tougher to deal with than fans that have no access to you.

I am currently 35 and I have a boss and don't own the company so I guess in your terms I am not the best of my profession but I know my office couldn't run if I wasn't there.
Department? If you were 2nd best in your department, where did that put you in the worldwide industry?

I think having Scott Stevens being physical with you in more terrifying than a secretary. (A secretary?)

And those secretaries aren't on TV whining that you should be assigned elsewhere or fired or demoted. Or on the internet, or in other media. It's remarkable that a kid his age has faced his responsibilities that well. Grant Fuhr called Oilers fans jerks at the same age. Fuhr got a bit mature and played well. I'm betting the same thing happens with Connolly.