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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
when he answers me back, sure.

Who said he's "running" the entire powerplay?

Haha! I found this really funny when I thought back to the whole "Paul Ronty has 4 top-10s and Turgeon has only 2 lol" discussion. Of course, all of Turgeon's 11th-17ths didn't matter back then.

the 14th-15th defensemen might not be that far behind teh 8th and 9th, depending on the year. However:

- three of my guys had 5th-place finishes
- you didn't have anyone with 14th-15th place finishes either, so how did that point help your cause at all?


stoneberg - good series. You were fair and classy throughout this entire draft.

another classy 70's move, your full of internet win. God forbid somebody questions your team and your methods.

P.s. we all saw Turgeon play....

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