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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
I'm not saying anyone else is wrong, but what you said is the simplest and makes the most sense to me. The advice of "practice" is great and has truth, but practice what? I need a starting point no matter how simple. I'm going to work on what you suggest. Unfortunately all my "friends" only want to play games and shoot so I'll have to work on this during pickup or in games when the situation presents itself.

Last night,out of habit, I tried to deflect the puck up to my stick with the skate closest to the goal line at 90 degrees...another turnover

Thanks for the help.
Yeah, it does take two guys, so you gotta convince someone to work with you. Every open skate I do with my buddy, we spend about 10 minutes working on this. We each take a position on the hash marks on opposite sides and rim the puck hard around the boards behind the net to each other. I work mostly on the angle of my skate, as my problem is the opposite of yours. Too often I stay too square and just stop the puck instead of getting it to cleanly come off to my stick. However, that has made me focus on using my feet better. I've gotten a lot better at kicking the puck up to my stick when this happens, which is the right way to do it, rather than what most new players do when the puck is in their skates, which is spin their entire bodies so they can pick the puck up with their stick.

Oh and never, ever use the skate closest to the goal line to do this. Always use the skate closest to the blue line. Your goal line side skate should be off the boards.

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