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09-07-2011, 01:20 PM
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I wouldn't play with a herniated disk. I take that back, I COULDN'T play with a herniated disk. Last April I herniated the L5/S1 disk. Along with that I had foot drop. It happened after a playoff game, went home, felt a little tight in the back, stretched (apparently one of the worst things to do at that point as it increases inflammation), and went to sleep. Woke up the next morning and could barely move. Walking was nearly impossible, but I put up with it for two days going to work and then just lying down when I got home until it was time to work again. After two days, I had to go to the doctor, I could not take the pain anymore.

Doc prescribe some Vicodin, Ibuprofen, and Prednisone (a powerful steroid, it's a five day (maybe six?) cycle, reducing dosage each day). At the same time I was interested in alternative approaches and went to the chiropractor as well. The Prednisone worked best, as it got rid of the inflammation and I was able to walk somewhat within three days. The chiropractor used Flexion-Distraction technique along with some electrical nerve stimulation. All in all, it took a little over a month and a half before I felt no more pain. I waited another month before I stepped foot on the ice. In a couple weeks I was back to playing pickup again.

There's not always one correct answer, as each injury is different. I would suggest using surgery as a last ditch attempt to heal yourself and to try alternative treatment before doing so. Chiropractors will recommend you to a neurosurgeon if they believe they can not help you, at least mine let me know that he would.

These days I get around fine, can play with my two year old daughter and live a normal life, one that includes playing hockey still.

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