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10-24-2003, 07:54 AM
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Well SCREW you two!!! These are my imaginary lines thank you!!!!

Alas, I see your point, but I liked the way those three played together last year, didn't seem useless to me and they just seem like they'd be a good change of pace from the Nedved line..

Also, configure it any way you like, but I firmly believe that Lindros is more effective on the wing at this point in his career..

And I'd agree on Ruchinsky/Hlavac and I'd include Carter in that bunch.. If this team really is going to dedicate itself to a tight checking team, I think there's already enough talent there with Nedved, Kovalev etc. that makes only two out of those three a need.. I'd lose one of them, package them with Malakhov and see what can come this way..

Ideally, say Hlavac is dealt (I don't care if its Ruchinsky either)


Ruchinsky Nedved Kovalev

Barnaby Moore Lindros

LaCouture Holik Lundmark

Simon Messier Carter

Gives Moore a spot to succeed, and spreads the talent around..

I think I just saw a pig fly by my window..

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