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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
He shouldn't have included the sentence about "spending for spending's sake" the way he did. It confuses the issue. Because what he's proposing isn't that. The bottom line is that the Habs lack depth. At least, proven depth... it's undetermined whether the prospects can represent viable NHL depth at this point or not. (It's also probably undeterminable in the time remaining before the season).

So there are tangible needs. And the players he mentions ARE available. And the Habs have money. So if that's how you see things, then yes, the Habs SHOULD spend some of that money on some of those players. It's not spending for spending's sake.

Give me Madden and Winchester on my 4th line, and I'll feel like the team has waaaay better depth, better options to ride out injuries, better options for penalty killing, another rare physical element on the wings. Give me McCabe over Woywitka on defense. Etc. It's not spending for spending's sake, it's upgrading the talent/depth on the team with proven NHLers.
Great post and I agree with you.

We do have needs that have not been filled. It almost seems foolish to keep that money in the hopes that we might make a signing later in the season that will help us in the push for the Cup.

Without adequate depth, we could very well be struggling to simply make the playoffs. It is far better to be proactive than reactive.

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