Thread: Speculation: Book It! 2011-2012 edition
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09-07-2011, 09:44 PM
Carlos Danger
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markov gets nominated for the norris ~~BOOK IT
patches scores more than 30. ~BOOK IT!
Emelin sucks and becomes the new spacegoat, much to the delight of akost. BOOK EET!!!
speaking of which, for the first time in his career, AK pots more than 30, but is still hated by the majority of habs fans. BORK EET
the nickname chocolate rocket sticks. BOORK EET
desharnais rocks and puts up 50 points while bouncing from line to line. KOOB TI
hammer proves he's still got it in washington. meanwhile, habs defense blows. fans complain "Y DIDNT WE SIGN HIM??/? U SUCK GOAT!!11!" IT BOOK
speaking of which, with less experienced players than it's used to, the habs defense isn't what it used to be and although he is still made of precious fairy dust, price has a slightly worse year that last, and as such, completely sucks and should be traded for ryder, halak and a 2nd. OKBO TI!!!
we have less injuries than usual, and finish 5 in the conference. meanwhile in habs land: martin still sucks, we still need more toughness, and half the board still want to tank. bOOK iT!

i think that's pretty much it...

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