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He was good enough defensively to lead the best team in the league in ice time.
At best, this is circumstantial.

And I fear your blinders are on, my friend. I just don't see how you can think Gibbs would see any more ice time than Campbell on the Chicago Blackhawks. And we both agree that Campbell's 2 seasons before he joined Chicago are much better than anything Gibbs did, right?
And how would Campbell have fared in the 80s' on Gibbs' team? Probably worse.. how do I know this? I only have to look at what he did on a terrible Buffalo team before he turned 27. Yeah.. when he couldn't crack 17 minutes per game.

Or are you talking about 2006-07, when Campbell was 10th in Norris voting and was the #1 on the best team in the league?
And it's high time someone applied your logic against you. Campbell might have been first on that team.. but who was he better than? Henrik Tallinder, Teppo Numminen and Toni Lydman. None of these guys, except Numminen, will see ATD duty. The "competition for ice time" on that team wasn't much better than what Gibbs' had to deal with, as far as I can tell. Numminen at the tail end of his career, and two guys who would barely crack any other lineup. Campbell got all the PP time in the world to pad his stats (which he failed at, IIRC), and was otherwise getting points by feeding passes to two stacked forward lines, and was used as the #1 because nobody else was better. Make no mistake - Miller and their ridiculous offense carried that team, not Campbell.

Did Sargent ever play on top 4s as good as Ehrhoff did in San Jose and Vancouver? I'm pretty sure he didn't.
Ehrhoff wasn't exactly competing with excellent defensemen for ice time.

Since 07-08:

When Campbell arrived, he started smoking Ehrhoff for ice time. Otherwise, Vlasic, Rivet, McLaren were behind him, and seconds separated him, Vlasic and Rivet.
Boyle and Vlasic were smoking him in TOI/G, and an aging Rob Blake beat him as well. He was a #3-4 this year.
Ehrhoff beating a young Edler, Mitchell and Bieksa isn't exactly world beating, and he wasn't 1st by much. The top-4 guys on this group all had very comparable TOI/G.
And finally.. Edler and Ehrhoff comfortably in 1st in TOI/G, the only real year that he was a clear cut top pairing d-man, and Edler was actually beating him in TOI/G by a hair. Hamhuis and Bieksa rounded out the top-4.

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