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Originally Posted by jarek View Post
And how would Campbell have fared in the 80s' on Gibbs' team? Probably worse.. how do I know this? I only have to look at what he did on a terrible Buffalo team before he turned 27. Yeah.. when he couldn't crack 17 minutes per game.

  1. Gibbs played in the 1970s, not the 1980s. It's kinda important - it's why I keep harping on his relative lack of competition for awards recognition and how most of the league's best players were concentrated on a few teams. If you still didn't realize that, then it really doesn't seem like you are interested in anything going on in this series, other than anti-Campbell trolling.
  2. So now we're judging Brian Campbell on what he did before he was in his prime? Do we get to do that to every player or just the guy who apparently slept with your sister?

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