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Originally Posted by jarek View Post
And it's high time someone applied your logic against you. Campbell might have been first on that team.. but who was he better than? Henrik Tallinder, Teppo Numminen and Toni Lydman. None of these guys, except Numminen, will see ATD duty. The "competition for ice time" on that team wasn't much better than what Gibbs' had to deal with, as far as I can tell. Numminen at the tail end of his career, and two guys who would barely crack any other lineup. Campbell got all the PP time in the world to pad his stats (which he failed at, IIRC), and was otherwise getting points by feeding passes to two stacked forward lines, and was used as the #1 because nobody else was better. Make no mistake - Miller and their ridiculous offense carried that team, not Campbell.
Are you seriously suggesting that Henrik Tallinder and Toni Lydman would barely crack any other team's lineup? They were solid defensive defencemen who played against the other team's top lines every night, and every coach in the NHL would have loved to have either one on his team. They would have been top-4 on most other NHL teams, maybe bottom pairing on a stacked team.

Did you ever watch those Buffalo teams play?

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