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09-07-2011, 10:58 PM
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Plenty of blame to go around for that first half, starting with the coach for still having Miglioranzi on the payroll, let alone within shouting distance of the field, let alone actually starting a game. There's no way that guy is actually Brazilian the way he plays. Why is Okugo on the bench and Migz playing? I need an answer to this question.

Le Toux, for all his problems, is a ****ing machine on penalties. Do the goals start falling for him now?

NE's time-wasting was disgraceful. Not surprising, expected even, but disgraceful nonetheless. If you get carded for time-wasting in the first half, you are such a ****ing *****.

Old Serb... I like the guy and will not make general comments about him based on just this game, but he completely blew three golden opportunities, including that one that was just on a platter. Come on, man.

Freddy Adu + Roger Torres is lovely to watch.

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