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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
You do realize the past two seasons he's been much better right? To the point where he is actually was the Hawks most consistent PKer this year right? Yeah it doesn't make up for the rest of his career but come on here. His deficiencies apparently weren't glaring enough for teams to stop using him. And to say Campbell lacks physicality REALLY makes me think you haven't seen him play. He actually does hit from time to time. Ask Umberger if Campbell lacks physicality. He's not the most physical guy in the world, sure. But to say he actually lacks physicality is awful. His defensive positioning is what causes him issues when he's been bad. His size causes him issues in front of the net sure. A lot of smaller Defensemen have that issue. But you clearly are out of your element saying that he lacks physicality.
The most consistent PK'er that was 7th on the Hawks in SH TOI/G, 4th among D. Campbell also only had 28 hits to his credit last season. If I kept going further back, I doubt that'd change. Obviously, hits isn't the be all and end all of physicality, but it sure is a pretty big part of it. How, exactly, is he physical? I've never really seen it.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Orr only won 2 Cups - the Flyers and Canadiens both beat him in his prime.

Whatever "prime" is, it's clear Campbell wasn't in it before the lockout.
So we should just ignore those years?

Leading a team in ice time means something. Leading a good team in ice time means more.
Agreed.. something Campbell did once.

Is Ehrhoff a regular on Eden Hall's PK units?
No, and thank god for that. He's brutal defensively. Maybe brutal is too strong a word, but he definitely is well below average in my books.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
If Campbell should be a bottom pairing guy, then Gibbs, a clearly inferior defenseman, should be a spare.
I don't know enough about Gibbs to comment on this. You may be right. The only reason I don't want Campbell on a 2nd pairing is because the only thing he really brings at any significant level is offense.

It's not like teams don't win Cups with Campbell on their second pairing, right?
Spare me the cup counting. Campbell wasn't the main reason they won. 15th on the team in scoring, 5th among D, 0 PP points, despite 2:21 per game on the PP.. he had better have been AWFULLY good defensively to say that this post season of his was worthy of all time greatness. And didn't you say he was 3rd in TOI/G for the cup winning Hawks among D? He was 4th.. and a distant 4th.

Keith - 28:11
Seabrook - 24:10
Hjalmarsson - 21:00
Campbell - 19:34

I've just lost even more respect for Campbell. He didn't do anything of note in this cup run. Nothing to display all time greatness.

He was much better in 2009.. but still a very distant 3rd in TOI/G for that playoff run. At least he actually did something with his PP time.

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