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Originally Posted by goonx View Post
Food for thought:

the new bauer APX skates are $200 more expensive than the competitors' top of the line skates. Why else do they think they can get away with that pricing?

Is the APX technology really worth $200 (almost 1/3 of the price) more than the other skates?
The top of the line in anything is never where your value is. It's prestige priced. They know the people that have it will buy it simply because they want the "best". The other thing it does is help the rest of the line sell by creating an image. Same reason that car makers produce a limited production performance model of their normal line.

Once thing about that skate. Aluminum in the blades? Really aluminum? That's great for the pros who can replace them every game, but how durable are those blades going to be over years of use? Sharpenings last as long? How will they stand up to slap shots to the blade?

$600 is my limit. $800- no way.

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