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09-08-2011, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Night_Vole View Post
So many familiar names, still hard to believe that this happened.
Sadly with a single event that has such devastating consequences, eventually, the fear that it could happen again will cause voices to gather in anger at the deplorable state of aviation safety in Russia and other former Soviet Repubics. This was the eighth air crash this year with more than 120 fatalities. Every year, at least three or four airliners crash in Russia and kill far too many people.

We all know the reasons. Shortcuts, bribes, and shoddy practices that result in using planes that are too old; poor maintenance; inadequate safety inspections; poorly trained pilots; and lax Government regulation all contribute to the problem. The shock of this tragedy, if it has no other beneficial effect, will at least shine a light on the need to start immediately to upgrade the safety of flying, so that we don't have other hockey teams, football teams or everyday citizens dying needlessly because of inattention and gross mismanagement.

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