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The hatred comes from frustration. Boston style of play is get players that are big, can score, can fight, that have a genuine nasty streak to intimidate the Habs. The perfect game for the Bruins and it's fans is to play at home in front of their crowd, 3 fights per period, winning all fights by a clear pounding into a turtle submission of cowardice by each Hab player, out scoring the Habs 8-0 along the way. To Bruin fans this IS HOCKEY. Now to Habs fans it's all about winning the game, great plays, great moves, great goaltending, great tactical game, GREAT HOCKEY, SMART HOCKEY. Fights? well in defence of an aggression only.
The hatred by Boston fans come from the lack of willingness of the Habs to Play a Boston Game. The Bruins team is built to play a Bruins game and the fans know that they have the total advantage over the smallish Habs players and the Habs just won't drop the gloves with the Bruins and THIS is what frustrates the Bruin fans.
With this kind of setup, over the years the Habs have won many many more games over the Bruins and this is yet another frustration for the Bruin fans. It drive them NUTS.
The Bruin system only works when all the other teams don't have enough BIG,HEAVY,MEAN players as the Bruins. This is not to say the Bruins don't have any small guys, just not as many as the other teams.

All teams get a small window of opportunity to win a cup every 10 years or so, the Bruins have had theirs and congrats to them for going all the way.
The Habs sure know how hard it is to do it 2 times in a row, or 3 times in a row, or 4 times in a row and oh yes 5 TIMES IN A ROW.
Then we can talk more

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