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First off Billy, why are you ignoring Campbell's 06-07 and the Buffalo part of his 07-08 seasons?

Anyway, I don't know why it's a surprise to anyone that an offensive defenseman would have low QUALCOMP numbers. Campbell's an offensive defenseman - you need a good mix of players including offensive defensemen to win - something that Regina has neglected.

I'm just going to look at 08-09 specifically:

Seabrook-Keith were the shutdown pair.

Byfuglien was a forward, as indicated by his 14:52 of ice time per game! IIRC, he played on Chicago's checking line that season, but I'm not completely sure. That would be consistent with his high QUALCOMP.

Campbell saw 22:34, 3rd on the team behind Keith and Seabrook.

Hjalmarsson saw 14:59 of ice time per game in only 21 games , Barker 18:20 in 69 games, and Walker 16:38 in 65.

Pretty sloppy to include Byfugilien (a forward) and Hjalmarsson (who barely played) in the metric. Edit: Though I just checked the behindthenet interface, which is quite poor, and I can see why you would have done so.

I'm not going to bother with the other seasons. Looks like Campbell's QUALCOMP was below average but not terribly low, which is exactly what I'd expect from someone who played on the 2nd pairing when the top pairing (Keith-Seabrook) took the toughest matchups.

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