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Oh, I see what you did. QUALCOMP stats don't exist before 2007-08. Unfortunate.

And the BehindTheNet site only lists players with the last team they played on, so Campbell, who played most of the season in Buffalo, gets all 83 games he played (1 extra because of the trade) credited to San Jose, where he ended the season.

They need to work on the filter - it makes comparisons of players traded mid season fairly useless.

Check our Christian Ehrhoff: Highest QUALCOMP of any defenseman on San Jose in 2007-08

Edit: Either Ehrhoff had more than the 3 noteworthy seasons we've talked about, or Qualcomp has its issues.

Double Edit: Actually, Ehrhoff's ice time numbers would suggest that he's had 4 noteworthy seasons: His first 3 seasons were all under 19 minutes per game, but his last 4 were all over 21 minutes per game.

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