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09-08-2011, 10:54 AM
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Here is what Marty has left. Never really heard what he is going down to (5D or 6D , how many 98's he wants to keep etc) Couple of "surprises" who is still here, and a couple of who's not but sometimes being better isn't enough. Not sure where Fransoo came from all of a sudden, wasn't at any skates at all. For Marty's first year with this team you think he would have made it appear to be more on the up and up.

Wyatt Malenfant
Taryn Kotchorek
Matthew Flath 98

Connor Managre Matt Vidal
Ben Lanfermann Traye Tkatchuk
Karstin McDonald 98 Avery Fransoo 98

Troy Gerein Owen Lamb 98 Kevin Bendall
Connor Urlacher Keifer Hintz Jayden Nachetgaele 98
Christian Miller Brandon Lesko 98 Keegan Tiringer 98
Blake Fennig 98 Kirkland Glassford Keegan Duret

Not dressed
Connor Sych D
Kade Mosimann D 98 injured the only 98 D that makes the grade
Joshua Shynkaruk D
Lane Young
Blake Robertson
Josh Sielsky 98

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