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Top 6 forwards

First line

Centers = McGimsie vs. Golonka

Golonka's competition has already been discussed in this thread. The second half of This post contains information about McGimsie's goal scoring. Since there's no way to conclusively compare the goal scoring of an era era forward with a relatively early Czech league forward, I'm not going to make a conclusion about who was the better goal scorer.

What we do know is that McGimsie was the more celebrated playmaker, while Golonka has more celebrated intangibles.

LWs = Mickoski vs. Gracie

Offense = slight advantage Gracie
Defense = close (both good not great)
Grit/Toughness/Puckwinning = large advantage Mickoski

Overall, I think these two are fairly equal players.

RWs = Drozdetsky vs. Gingras

Gingras is tougher, but Drozdetsky's offense is so much better established, I think it's clear he's a much better player.

When seventieslord drafted Golonka, he fell into the same trap I fell into in the last ATD when I drafted Starshinov. He very well may have been the best offensive center left, but as a goal-scoring center, he's incredibly hard to build around. Like me in the past ATD with Starsh, seventies was forced to draft inferior wingers for Golonka to have good chemistry. And it's what he had to do - someone like Drozdetsky would have awful chemistry with Golonka, who is known for scoring goals but not really passing very much. But it means his first line wingers are of inferior quality - he just don't have a standout offensive winger on the first line.

Mickoski (Eden Hall) is the complimentary winger every line needs. But due to Golonka's unique skillset, Regina was forced to draft him two complimentary wingers, while Eden Hall has a winger in Drozdetsky who can accurately be called a superstar at this level.

This is a fairly substantial advantage to Eden Hall because no matter what you think of the centers, Drozdetsky is by far the best winger on either top line.

Second lines

Center = Mike Ribeiro vs. Jozef Stumpel
Two offense-only guys.

Ribeiro percentages: 78, 75, 72, 71, 52, 49, 48
Stumpel percentages: 87, 77, 64, 62, 57, 50, 49, 47

Doesn't seem like either guy has an advantage to me to be honest.

Scoring winger = Marian Stastny vs. George Richardson

How can you even begin to compare these guys?

"Glue Guy winger" = Ulf Dahlen vs. Grant Warwick

In short, Warwick has a considerable offensive advantage. It's not huge, but it's fairly large. I'd still rather have Dahlen.

Both teams have soft second line centers and scoring wingers who don't appear to be tough at all either. So I really do think that Dahlen's elite boardwork is a necessity, considering the quality of the defensemen on both of these teams.

Warwick is okay as a puck winner, but as pointed out earlier, he's quite small and the quotes about his battling are on the weaker side.

I think Regina's top line can get away with puck winning by committee, as all 3 guys seem to have some amount of battle in them, despite a lack of size. But Regina's second line has a center who is known to be soft (Stumpel) and a winger (Richardson) who doesn't have anything written about his play away from the puck. So they are relying entirely on the smallish Warwick to win battles against Eden Hall's defensemen.

Don't get me wrong, Eden Hall's second line relies entirely on Ulf Dahlen to win puck battles, but I think he's much better equipped to do so on his own than Grant Warwick.

Stastny/Ribeiro and Richardson/Stumpel cancel out. Warwick provides more offense than Dahlen, but I think Eden Hall's line functions better because Dahlen is better equipped to carry the puck winning duties on his own than Warwick.

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