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09-08-2011, 12:46 PM
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This thread has a lot of potential land mines in which you can look insensitive if you aren't careful. A couple of notes.

A plane crash for a US team would generate a lot more coverage in the US, obviously. Yes, even hockey. Is this "right"? Probably not. But it's not right, either, that a crash of a sports team generates more sympathy, worldwide, than just a "regular" plane crash. Last question, would NA soccer team with no or very little Russian connection get much coverage in Russia if their plane crashed?

We do hear about foreign plane crashes, I hear about them all the time. It breaks my heart every time, sports related or not.

But at this time, for the respect of those families, I prefer to pay my respects from a distance. I have no desire to have microphones put in front of families faces, for example, to hear reactions. Yes, I like to hear about how the community reacts. But having seen, first hand, how the media can make a bad situation worse for the families, it's sad to say but I'd rather have less than more coverage.

I give the families my deep sympathies, but I have no desire to be critical of the news organizations or pine for more coverage. Or worse yet, turn this into a US bias against hockey debate. From my perspective, I wouldn't want the media anywhere near me if I had a family member or friend affected by this tragedy.

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