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09-08-2011, 01:00 PM
Matt Foley
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Originally Posted by kshymkiw View Post
I see what you mean, and agree to some degree. I guess what gets me the most is ESPN our "Worldwide Leader in Sports", couldn't take more than 2 minutes away from talking about Peyton Manning's injuries to even say anything about this.
What is this "ESPN" you speak of?

There was nothing good on TV the other night, so I tuned in to Baseball Tonight to kill some time, only to watch the panelists lather on for what seemed like hours about Steven Strausberg's 2011 debut. I think they broke down his performance pitch by pitch for all five innings. Barf City.

I really wouldn't expect ESPN to spend much time on this tragedy since their target audience tends to not give a crap about the NHL, let alone the KHL.

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