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Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
You were pretty quick to point out that the data we had for Golonka was after his "Prime", Shoes on the other foot now.
Out of context. I mentioned that to show why it was impressive that he did what he did. Golonka, as far as I know, never really had any bad offensive seasons, or any truly bad seasons.

And just to clarify my position on ice time per game: I'm not too concerned with how high a guy placed on his team in ice time, mainly because of what Dreakmur said. It is noteworthy, but not terribly important compared to what he did with said ice time. From what I can tell about Gibbs, he played an awful lot on the PK (how good were his teams' PKs?), but I don't know much more. Is there ANYWHERE listed a nice list of what these guys did? I'll check seventies' bios, but I'd prefer if everything was consolidated somewhere.

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