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Removal of the General OT Thread

A message to all HF NYR board visitors:

On behalf of the mods and many members, both long-tenured and new - we have a major announcement to make:

We are removing the General OT Thread once training camp starts.

If, we find that the OT content during the season is limited to a more relative nature - we will be more than happy to reinstate the General OT Thread at the start of the upcoming offseason, where it will remain until the following pre-season. If we see too much spam during the season, then it will be gone permanently. It's ultimate fate lies in the hands of the members of this forum.

While we know this might seem unfair to some, we have to clarify the purpose of this forum. We gave it a shot and didn't work out. We apologize if this makes your experience here less enjoyable, but it will prove to be beneficial to the board and its members, new and old.

Anyone who continues to spam once the Official OT Thread is removed will be given a warning/ infraction.

Please refer to the FAQ below for the reasoning behind this decision and for a definition of future OT Content & Spam.



Why are they getting rid of the OT thread?!?

This is a New York Rangers discussion forum. It is not a social hangout spot, or social media site like facebook or twitter. The OT content has gotten way out of hand, and the focus of the board has shifted greatly. We tried to consolidate the OT material to a single thread, and unfortunately that didn't work. We tried to alert members with an announcement months ago, and our requests were not met. We gave several warnings, which were also ignored by some. It's a tough position we are in, because we don't want to infringe on the user experience and tell you what and what not to say. It's more about the fact that the style of the conversation has shifted and it needs to be reverted.

More importantly, we have a lot more traffic on our site then most teams on HF do. When a member or casual visitor stops by, they shouldn't have to side step several OT threads that are usually at the top of the page to get the information they want. You have to take a step back and look at the big picture and realize that for years, OT content was extremely limited. The primary discussion was Rangers hockey and we want that to return. It's not about taking out the personal connection between members, that should be encouraged - and to a certain degree that has improved - it's about one very important thing, keeping the discussion RELATIVE.

What is considered "Spam"?

In addition to the site rules explanation (

Posting unrelated videos, mimes, images, etc.:

A lot of it is unnecessary and serves no purpose. There are plenty of sites out there to go crazy with this stuff, this isn't the place for that.

Excessive posts:

No one gets an award for having the highest post count. It's about quality and not quantity. This is a major player in why we are shutting down the OT thread.

One word, empty or Smiley posts:
"I agree"
Long, empty spaces in posts
They take up space and are all considered Spam.

Personal updates:
What you ate for breakfast
What movie you are going to see next Monday
Updates on your day
This is all Twitter / Facebook fodder and has always been considered spam. Again, its about keeping things relative.

General Discussion:
Its great to be able to talk with your fellow fans about non-related, personal experiences - but thats what PM's and the Lounge is for.

Come on, isn't some of whats considered "Spam" subjective?

Not really. We hope that everyone that reads this understands where we are coming from and if they are unsure of something they should PM a mod and ask. There have been several announcements and warnings describing what is and what isn't considered OT Content & Spam. Hopefully we don't have too much of an adjustment period.

So what IS considered a viable OT Thread then???

Anything that may link to a player or the team in some way. Popularity Polls, Garden Renovation, look-a-like threads etc. are all good because they are relative to the team and/or NHL. Gameday Events or Groups like Hockey leagues, autograph sessions and the like are ok as well. Video game threads have some relevance so those threads will remain. See the site rules (under "spamming") regarding Fantasy Leagues. We would like to continue to keep all non-Rangers NHL stuff in the "Around the NHL" thread - and that has worked out very well for the most part.


Usually an NBA, MLB or NFL OT Thread is floating around, especially in the offseason. That is fine given the fact that this is a sports discussion forum, but once the season starts this has taken to the respective major sports league forums.

NYC questions:
We know a lot of visitors come in here looking for advice. There is a specific sticky thread just for that. We ask that no new threads be posted under this topic.

Major Events:
Localized Acts of God:
The possibility of Earthquakes, Storms, Weather systems etc. can be discussed in the Lounge, PMs or specially designated group areas.

Politics: If you read the general board rules, politics are only to be discussed in the politics forum. (

Major news events: This isn't a CNN board, but occasionally something big will happen.

In the event that one of these events occur and is major (such as the latest storms/Hurricane), then it's normal to want to talk about something that impacts a majority of us.
These are a few of the only exceptions for non-ranger/hockey related OT Thread.

Any other questions you have please PM a Mod.


HF NYR Board Mods

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